Standards Alignment - OpenSciEd

This OpenSciEd High School Scope and Sequence proposes both an order for courses and content within courses. In the OpenSciEd sequence, students would begin by taking Biology, then Chemistry, and then Physics. Earth and space science is integrated throughout. This is informed by the most common ordering of courses across the country. Each course will provide students with multiple opportunities to engage with Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science & Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts targeted in the performance expectations, with scaffolding fading over the course of the year in each dimension. All the performance expectations in high school science, including the engineering standards, are included within the three-year sequence.

Because the physical science (PS) performance expectations include both chemistry and physics content, these PEs are divided across different courses. Considerations for how these were divided includes: 

  1. which ideas were foundational for subsequent learning; 
  2. advice from state and district science coordinators and high school teachers.

The integration of earth and space science (ESS) and engineering standards (ETS) was thoughtfully considered. The PEs bundled within units were identified as having the potential of working synergistically with and/or supporting students in deepening three-dimensional understandings of life and physical science PEs in each course. 

To read more about the High School Science Scope and Sequence, including the summary of the units, download the document below.