Professional Learning

High-quality instructional materials combined with professional learning, embedded and sustained in teaching practice, are both needed to support the ambitious vision in recent science standards.

Professional Learning for TeachersProfessional Learning for Teachers

To support key instructional shifts in the Next Generation Science Standards, we have developed professional learning materials for teachers to accompany the instructional materials. These materials take into consideration important findings about best practices in supporting teacher learning (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2015; National Research Council, 2015).

For each unit, a set of accompanying teacher’s professional learning materials is being developed. The materials include the agendas, slides, videos, handouts and other resources needed to lead the teacher professional development.



Facilitator Professional Learning MaterialsTeacher Professional Learning

Accompanying the professional learning for teachers are a set of facilitator learning materials. Just as we value the importance of good teaching in supporting student learning, we value the importance of good facilitation for the effectiveness of teacher professional development. These facilitator learning materials have been used with the OpenSciEd Field Test Facilitators throughout the project. Included in these materials are the agendas, slides, and resources necessary to layer on top of the teacher professional learning materials.