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Our curriculum promotes deep and engaging science learning, and it is freely accessible to all. As an Open Educational Resource (OER), we encourage teachers to adapt, transform, and build upon OpenSciEd materials, allowing them to cater to the specific requirements of their classrooms.

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Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Adopt the Curriculum

Switching to a new science teaching method can be overwhelming. To assist, we’ve developed a suite of customizable materials and professional learning sessions that are designed to assist teachers as they implement new materials and instructional practices.

Elementary School Curriculum

Currently being field tested by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, our elementary curriculum will give you the tools to create a science classroom experience that captivates and inspires your K-5 students.

Middle School Curriculum

With an all-green rating from EdReports, you can be confident that our high quality middle school program is aligned to meet modern science standards, engage students in practices that drive their learning, and give you the guidance needed to maximize the impact of the curriculum in your classroom.

High School Curriculum

OpenSciEd High School offers three courses that address all the NGSS while empowering students with a rigorous science education for success in college and STEM careers.

Supplemental Materials

These multidisciplinary units utilize the same instructional model as our comprehensive curriculum programs but take on specific topics of interest.