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Why OpenSciEd

OpenSciEd is more than a curriculum. It's a paradigm shift that reimagines the experience of science education to ensure that all students, regardless of their previous exposure to science, can excel in and outside of the classroom.

OpenSciEd Is Different

We’ve reimagined the science education experience to ensure that all students can excel in and outside the classroom and are prepared to thrive in the world of tomorrow. OpenSciEd’s world-class, Next Generation Science Standards-aligned instructional materials are designed for how students learn science best. Our high-quality, adaptable, full-course curriculum supports equitable science learning through phenomenon-based, three-dimensional units that prioritize understanding and unbiased sensemaking.

When using OpenSciEd’s knowledge-rich curriculum, you can be assured that students:

  • Learn through an iterative process building on new understanding and knowledge;
  • Discover, investigate, and construct understanding with their peers; and
  • Develop their ability to solve problems, ask questions, interpret data, and argue from evidence.

In OpenSciEd classrooms, teachers are learning facilitators, not lecturers. Using a storyline model, they work with students to experience our phenomenon-based lessons firsthand. Our instructional model leads students through five routines where they investigate different questions, put the pieces together from those investigations, and then problematize the next set of questions to investigate.


I did the weather unit with students, and I loved watching the productive struggle as they worked through it. They were completely engaged and thinking in a critical way!

LAFAWN BERRY Academic Coach For Science Queen Creek Unified School District, Arizona

Benefits of Using OpenSciEd in the Classroom

Science is central to humans’ lives and helps us understand the world around us. Therefore, science education is crucial to students, as it prepares them to be successful in their educational, personal, and professional endeavors. An excellent science education prepares students for long-term success in science and beyond.


The curriculum has engaged students in relevant and authentic science practices and processes. We have seen a dramatic increase in our science scores in addition to students seeking career opportunities in STEM.

ERIC CONLEY Curriculum Director Willington Public Schools (Connecticut)

Recognized for High Quality

In February 2023, after a rigorous educator-led review process, OpenSciEd received a ‘green’ rating from EdReports, the nation’s most respected independent reviewer of curriculum, indicating that OpenSciEd offers the highest quality of science education instructional materials for middle school.

All OpenSciEd units have been rated as ‘quality’ by the Science Peer Review Panel at NextGenScience. 93% of instructional materials submitted to the Science Peer Review Panel for review do not achieve a quality ranking.

Relevant and Meaningful Coursework

OpenSciEd follows strict design specifications to ensure a quality product that engages diverse students, prompts engrossing discourse and supports the teacher in making science come alive. Through student-led discovery, OpenSciEd fosters a classroom culture of equitable participation where students from all backgrounds contribute at high levels and report that others take their ideas seriously.


OpenSciEd is designed to increase accessibility for all students.

– Plymouth Public Schools Science Curriculum Coordinator Massachusetts

Flexibility in the Classroom

With our fully adaptable lessons, teachers must no longer spend time searching for materials. Instead, they can focus their time, energy, and creativity on bringing lessons to life and finding ways to inspire their students to learn and grow based on their unique needs and interests. We encourage teachers to download our materials and customize them to fit their students’ needs.

Stop Searching & Start Engaging

Science teachers spend an average of 11 hours per week searching for and creating instructional materials for their classes.

OpenSciEd is a freely available, high-quality, comprehensive curriculum that allows teachers to use their time planning, assessing and meeting the needs of individual students rather than searching.


Providing high-quality science instructional materials is only part of the equation. Teachers need the skills and knowledge to facilitate science instruction compellingly and engagingly. Our professional learning provides teachers with the materials and support to get all students excited about investigating the world around them. Like our curriculum, all of our professional learning resources are Open Educational Resources (OER), so you can easily download, adapt, and share.

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