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Middle School

With an all-green rating from EdReports, you can be confident that our high quality middle school program is aligned to meet modern science standards, engage students in practices that drive their learning, and give you the guidance needed to maximize the impact of the curriculum in your classroom.

Building the Next Generation of Scientists

We’ve made our curriculum free for all educators because high quality instructional materials and professional learning can bridge the opportunity gap for all students. The units underwent a rigorous 18-month development process with teacher and student voices across the country informing the selection of the phenomena and each unit’s storyline. Using our curriculum, teachers have seen their students strengthen their ability to solve problems, become more curious about the world around them, and be excited to discover the wonders of science in their classrooms.

The High Quality Materials Students Deserve

Our Middle School curriculum received an all-green rating from EdReports for meeting all expectations in the three EdReports gateways: Meets NGSS Standards, Coherence and Scope, and Usability.

Inspirational Professional Learning

OpenSciEd provides teachers with the resources and support they need to succeed in their classrooms. We created our professional learning alongside our curriculum to ensure teachers can maximize the impact of our materials. The sessions go beyond immediate results. Teachers who attend develop the tools needed to switch from a lecturer to a learning facilitator that helps students own and drive their learning.