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Supporting Your Teachers in Unlocking the Power

Schedule Summer professional learning by May 17th

OpenSciEd’s professional learning is key to unlocking the power of our materials. The research is clear that it takes both high quality instructional materials AND professional learning to elevate classroom instruction. Unfortunately, most science teachers don’t have access to one or the other, or both. A big reason OpenSciEd exists is to make sure this becomes the exception rather than the rule. The development of our high quality instructional materials was funded by philanthropy, so we can share those with teachers everywhere for free. This frees up budget space to support teachers with the professional learning they deserve.

Pathway 1: Request Professional Learning for your District

Contract with OpenSciEd or our partners to get professional learning for your district. Services can be in-person or virtual and can be catered to your specific needs.

Pathway 2: Send Teachers to Existing Events

We and our partners offer virtual and in-person ticketed professional learning events. This can be a lower cost option for smaller districts. Districts can send leadership teams to be trained as facilitators.


A key component of my success implementing OpenSciEd was the professional learning. If you’re going to do OpenSciEd the right way, get the professional learning!

Belinda Mire District Leader Lafourche Parish School District

Professional Learning Components

Our high quality NGSS-designed units come packaged with professional learning experiences that help teachers and districts successfully transition to the OpenSciEd curriculum! As an open education resource, OpenSciEd strives to ensure that all school districts, regardless of budget or size, can provide teachers with the high quality professional learning they need for students to have an engaging classroom experience.

Through careful engagement with classroom videos, real student work, student and teacher interviews, and a deep dive into the unit materials, we foster a meaningful understanding of the units — providing teachers and districts with the tools they need to feel confident implementing equitable science instruction in their classrooms!

One-day Unit Pilot Launch

Starting at $3,500 per unit

One day and one facilitator per unit

Interested in learning more about OpenSciEd and trying a unit? The One-day Pilot Launch will provide teachers with the absolute essentials to try a unit in their classroom. This is a great option for schools and districts that are currently in an adoption cycle and evaluating curricular resources. An OpenSciEd Facilitator will facilitate professional learning for up to 30 participants and take a deep dive into the unit teachers will implement in their classrooms.

Curriculum Launch

Starting at $8,250 for one grade level facilitator over 3 days

Three or four days and one facilitator per unit

Supports teachers in understanding the shifts called for by the NGSS and the Framework for K-12 Science Education. The Curriculum Launch will prepare teachers to teach their first OpenSciEd unit while introducing them to the OpenSciEd materials, approach, and pedagogy. The Curriculum Launch provides a solid foundation for OpenSciEd implementation. Pricing is for one grade level facilitator. A facilitator for each grade level is recommended.

Dive Deeper

Starting at $6,000

Two days and one facilitator per unit

Ready to take a deeper dive into OpenSciEd approach and pedagogy while digging into a new unit? Support science teachers in advancing their understanding of the OpenSciEd approach while going deep into a specific OpenSciEd unit as context. With five rounds each focused on a different topic and unit, these sessions will deepen teacher knowledge in areas such as assessment, equitable discussion, and universal design.

Unit Overviews

Starting at $3,500

One day and one facilitator per unit

Looking for a quick introduction to the next unit after the Curriculum Launch? Unit Overviews are a great option for teachers already familiar with OpenSciEd pedagogy and routines. These sessions will prepare teachers for a specific unit by experiencing the anchoring phenomenon for their unit and digging into the unit’s storyline.