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Creating classrooms with inspired educators & motivated learners.

OpenSciEd empowers educators to go beyond traditional science teaching methods by bringing together leading science researchers and educators to craft curriculum that is aligned to how students learn best.

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Read about our all-green Middle School Curriculum on EdReports.org

After a rigorous educator-led review process, our Middle School Curriculum received an ‘all-green’ rating from EdReports – the nation’s most respected independent curriculum reviewer.


My students have begun to realize they have the power and knowledge to plan and investigate how the world works around them.

KYM WHITNEY 7th Grade Teacher


My students are more excited about science than ever, and they’re connecting what they’re learning to their lives and experiences.

MEGAN EULER 7th Grade Teacher


OpenSciEd lessons are a lifesaver. They are standards-based, easy to implement, and, best of all, my kids LOVE them!

TAYLOR HALLIDAY Gifted Intervention Specialist


Our professional learning helps teachers maximize our curriculum’s impact. Materials for teachers and facilitators include agendas, slides, videos, handouts, and other key resources needed to teach or lead professional learning.