OpenSciEd Middle School EdReports Review - OpenSciEd

All Green. All Good. OpenSciEd’s EdReport Review

EdReports awarded OpenSciEd an all-green rating for our Middle School Science Curriculum!  After undergoing an intense review process from highly esteemed educators, OpenSciEd proved itself to meet the standards of a high quality science curriculum by receiving an all-green rating on the three qualifying gateways: Designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Coherence and Scope, and Usability.

Meets NGSS Standards

You can feel confident that our instructional materials will give your students the science classroom experience they deserve and lay a strong foundation for the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and scientists

Coherence and Scope

Our instructional materials are designed to keep students engaged, excited, and curious about the world around them.  Students are excited and motivated to come to class every day because they know they’ll have the opportunity lead discussions and engage in practices that drive their learning.


When you use the OpenSciEd curriculum, you have the support you need to ensure all students succeed in your classroom. Materials include a robust assessment system, researched based approaches to differentiated instruction and supportive guidance for teachers to maximize the impact of the curriculum.

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