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There are two pathways to adopt OpenSciEd, either as an open educational resource (OER) or through our certified distributors who have created fully packaged versions of the curriculum. Both pathways may incur expenses, despite the ability to download the high school learning materials freely.

Individual Classrooms

Whether it’s downloading a single lesson plan or an entire course’s curriculum, OpenSciEd offers flexibility in the classroom. Our lessons are intended to build on one another through the year and grade levels but are equally captivating when taught as stand-alone units or supplements to their current curriculum.

Teachers know their students and their classrooms best. That’s why OpenSciEd creates high quality instructional resources that meet the highest learning standards and can easily be tailored based on students’ needs. Because of the flexibility of the open-source Google Apps for Education platform, we host most of our materials in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets — making it even easier for teachers to use our materials in Google Classroom. We encourage teachers to copy our resources and modify them to suit their classroom needs.

School or District Adoption

OpenSciEd is more than a new curriculum; it’s a paradigm shift that reimagines the science education experience to ensure that all students can excel in and outside the classroom. Adopting a new curriculum alone is a big undertaking, even more so when switching to a new science teaching method. We have created a whole suite of materials and professional learning to assist in this transition and strong partnerships with vendors to support you further.

All versions of our curriculum offer a comprehensive suite of materials for students and teachers, including unit-level and lesson-level materials. Our high school science curriculum has sequenced units that build on students’ development in prior units. Additionally, we developed professional learning opportunities and numerous on-demand teacher learning resources including webinars and tutorials.

We also understand that in science education, there’s more to it than just getting new instructional materials. A new science curriculum needs text, lab kits, and professional learning. We have partnered with premier providers to assist you in implementing our instructional materials.

Two Pathways to OpenSciEd


The OER version of OpenSciEd is free to download. OpenSciEd-certified vendors provide high quality print books, professional learning, and lab kits for purchase to support the adoption of the OER materials.

Each certified OER kit provider’s materials have been evaluated for quality to ensure investigations in the OER materials work as designed. Contact our certified kit and professional learning partners that support the OER version of OpenSciEd directly through the links below.

Certified Kits for the OER Materials

Print Provider

Professional Learning


Certified versions are fully packaged versions of OpenSciEd that can be purchased from our distribution partners. Each certified version — curriculum and kits — has been evaluated by OpenSciEd to ensure integrity to the instructional principles and design specifications.

Our distribution partners are available to do presentations, send samples and participate in adoption and RFP processes. Contact certified distributors directly through the links below to learn more about their complete solutions.

More Information

We would love to hear from you if you have questions about OpenSciEd. If you have questions about purchasing materials, please contact one of our partners.

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