The goal of OpenSciEd is to ensure any science teacher, anywhere, can access and download freely available, high quality, locally adaptable full-course materials that support equitable science learning.

About OpenSciEd
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Instructional Materials

OpenSciEd instructional materials are robust, research-based, open-source science instructional materials designed to increase accessibility for all teachers and students. Also known as open educational resources, our open-source materials are free for all educators and students to use, customize, and share.

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Professional Learning

Professional Learning Services

We support teachers to make science learning real and relevant for all students. We provide professional learning services that fit your unique needs.

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The Materials
The OpenSciEd materials include Teacher and Student materials for each instructional unit in addition to the corresponding professional learning materials designed to support the use of the units. Each unit fits within a Scope and Sequence that provides coherence within and across years.
Development Process
Each OpenSciEd unit undergoes an 18-month development process that includes external reviews, a robust field test, and revision. After the materials are evaluated by NextGenScience’s EQuIP Peer Review Panel and have received a quality rating, we make the units freely available.
Professional Learning Materials
We have developed free professional learning materials for teachers using the units in their classrooms and facilitators leading professional development. Materials for teachers and facilitators include agendas, slides, videos, handouts and other resources needed to teach or lead professional development.

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