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OpenSciEd Equitable Instruction Initiative

OEI supports adoption of OpenSciEd in MA through ongoing professional learning and customized support

The OpenSciEd Equitable Instruction (OEI) team believes that OpenSciEd is an exceptional tool teachers can use to shift their instruction towards more equitable learning opportunities for students. But, high-quality curriculum alone is not enough. Teachers need ongoing professional learning, classroom materials, and on the ground support. In addition to support for durable classroom materials, OEI is structured to build sustainable implementation communities through curriculum-based professional development, school-based coaching, and learning communities. A key aspect of the support we provide is ongoing professional learning for teachers that allow for cycles of planning, enacting, and reflecting (e.g. 4-6 PD sessions over the course of the 3 years of their adoption). Our team was integral to the development of the OpenSciEd Professional Learning (PL) and instructional materials and we bring that expertise as we offer customized PL for all OpenSciEd units. Additionally, we provide support for school leaders and on-the-ground coaching support via our School Support Specialists for our cohort schools.

Supporting Equitable Science Instruction

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The goal of the OpenSciEd Equitable Instruction (OEI) Initiative is to help disrupt inequalities in science education by supporting schools and teachers in instruction that begins with the interests and curiosities of students and empowers student voice to support more equitable learning opportunities for all students. Our PL focuses on supporting teachers in noticing and leveraging the resources (ways of speaking, knowing, acting and valuing) that students use to make sense of the world. We focus on the routines and tools built into the OpenSciEd materials that support equitable sensemaking for all students. We support teachers in identifying potential barriers to learning and support them in customizing the materials for the state and local context. This includes adaptations that range from alignment with the MA standards to developing customization tools and video case studies to illustrate how teachers can tailor the materials to their local context and leverage the experiences of students to support equitable science sensemaking. The OEI Initiative is engaged in design based research to design and develop these resources. We also develop tools and resources to support emergent multilingual (EML) students in meaningful sensemaking.

Supporting School Systems

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The OEI Initiative works closely with cohort schools in developing a comprehensive implementation plan needed to support adoption of OpenSciEd. This includes helping schools identify connections between OpenSciEd and the vision and goals of the school and district, developing a plan for distributed leadership through district, school, and teacher leaders, and a thoughtful plan for unit roll-outs and ongoing professional learning. OEI supports the development of teacher leaders and provides on the ground support for teachers through our School Support Specialists. Additionally, OEI develops tools and resources for leaders including Leader Learning Communities, observation tools, and PL sessions.

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OpenSciEd Professional Learning

  • Curriculum Launch
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  • Ongoing Support/Unit Launch
  • Unit Adaptation Support

OpenSciEd Grade Level Focus

  • Middle School

Other Professional Learning

  • Strategic District Implementation
  • Supporting Science Coaches