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Carolina Biological Supply Company

World-class support for science education for more than 95 years.

Carolina Biological Supply Company is committed to providing comprehensive, customized professional learning to meet the needs of teachers and staff. Professional development is based on a learning progression that provides multiple opportunities in a variety of formats for all teachers to master the curriculum and implement best practices.

Focus of OpenSciEd Work

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Carolina’s Professional Learning Plan represents a working partnership with the district that begins with the initial purchase and continues throughout the life of the adoption. Implementation of the plan prepares teachers and builds their confidence to facilitate OpenSciEd units with a deep understanding and practice of the curriculum pedagogy and the instructional routines using the unit materials.

  • Program philosophy, components, and connections to state standards
  • Exemplary models of lesson implementation
  • Overview of program components including kit, digital resources, and literacy
  • Resolving implementation issues for teachers
  • Additional support to meet district-specific needs

Supporting Equitable Science Instruction

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Carolina strives to inspire all students to take their place in STEM. For more than 95 years, Carolina has supported world-class science education by developing our own innovations to better serve educators, students, and scientific and health communities. Carolina’s programs are designed to nurture every student’s potential to be a future leader in STEM by promoting diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in schools and communities.

OpenSciEd professional learning includes specific attention to the many strategies and opportunities within the curriculum to engage students, encourage participation and collaboration, and make learning science relevant and meaningful to all students.

Supporting School Systems

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Your partnership with Carolina continues as long as you choose. We can help you sustain district-wide professional development over time. In the spirit of ongoing, continual improvement, Carolina provides opportunities for teachers to self-evaluate and assess their own professional development needs, and tools for administrators to determine areas could benefit from additional support. We will work together to modify your customized professional learning plan as needed including in-person and virtual sessions, instructional coaching, on-demand videos, and more.

To help sustain professional learning in your district, Carolina offers Trainer of Trainers sessions to prepare designated teachers and coaches to provide implementation support for new teachers. The Trainer of Trainers sessions are designed through the partnership to meet your district’s specific needs.

Where We Work

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OpenSciEd Professional Learning

  • Curriculum Launch
  • Facilitator Training
  • Ongoing Support/Unit Launch
  • Unit Adaptation Support

OpenSciEd Grade Level Focus

  • Middle School

Other Professional Learning

  • Strategic District Implementation
  • Supporting Science Coaches