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What supports are available for students with visual impairments?

Our written materials are accessible with screen readers as audio and our videos include captions and transcripts that can also be read with a screen reader. We do not currently offer descriptive transcription for our videos. Images in the materials include alt-text that a screen reader would also read.

All of our MS materials are all part of the NIMAC (National Instructional Materials Access Center) for districts and organizations to access and use to develop Braille and audio files.  And the materials can be accessed as Google Docs, which may be a useful format for utilizing different technology tools. We are at the beginning of some grant-funded work exploring how to make our materials even more accessible to more students by using inclusive design. Hopefully, in the future we will have more resources support for students with visual impairments.

Here are a few of the ways teachers are currently using technology to support the use of our materials:

  • Laptop with JAWS and Mantis braille display, as well as a BrailleNote Touch Plus; these tools should be able to help students access the materials in audio and braille.
  • PixBlaster embosser and a swellform graphics machine to help produce tactile diagrams on braille paper and capsule paper.
  • Another resource for MS is APH Louis, https://louis.aph.org/#/, where a district can order Braille and tactile graphics for students’ use.