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Make the most of your summer break by enhancing your teaching skills and deepening your OpenSciEd knowledge! Our flexible, FREE,  on-demand professional learning is tailored to your schedule, allowing you to learn at your convenience. Check out our recommended resources, carefully curated to enhance your understanding of the OpenSciEd materials. 

Curriculum and Materials
Discover the power of OpenSciEd curriculum materials and how they can transform your teaching approach.

  • Watch the middle school unit webinars to learn how to set up the unit investigations and experience the anchoring phenomenon routine.
  • Download our Middle School Teacher Handbook to learn how to plan for discussions and use the driving question board to create a student-driven classroom experience.
  • Unlock the full potential of OpenSciEd with our comprehensive Teacher Tools & Resources guide, a treasure trove of practical tools and resources embedded in the OpenSciEd units.

Instructional Strategies 
Watch our on-demand webinars to discover new teaching strategies and resources that will help you create a fun and engaging science classroom experience.

Classroom Culture
Cultivate a science classroom where every voice matters.

  • Discover strategies and hear from teachers in the field about their experience using OpenSciEd instructional materials to support Emerging Multilingual Learners.
  • Learn how the OpenSciEd curriculum creates a science classroom that empowers students and fosters a sense of belonging in this webinar.

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