Technology Partners

Technology PartnerOpenSciEd has partnered with a variety of education technology organizations as a way making it easier for teachers to enhance our instructional materials using additional technology resources. Below is a summary of our current partners and how they are supplementing the existing materials. This is not a static list and will expand as we develop additional partnerships.

Vernier Software & Technology has partnered with OpenSciEd to make it easy for middle school teachers to integrate Vernier data-collection technology into OpenSciEd’s lessons, which align with the Next Generation Science Standards. The free, high-quality lessons engage students in hands-on investigations using Vernier technology to sharpen their critical thinking skills and participate in three-dimensional learning.

OpenSciEd is partnering with Tuva, the leading data literacy instructional platform, to catalyze data literacy and bring authentic datasets and interactive data tools into its middle grades curriculum. Through this partnership, a selection of Tuva datasets will be integrated with OpenSciEd lessons and investigations and be freely available to all districts, schools, teachers, and students. The Tuva datasets will be included in the following units upon public release: 6.5 Natural Hazards, 7.6 Earth’s Resources & Human Impact, and 8.5 Genetics. More information can be found in the press release about the partnership.