Professional Learning for Teachers

Unlock the Power of OpenSciEd's Curriculum

OpenSciEd’s professional learning is key to unlocking the power of our materials. The research is clear that it takes both high quality instructional materials AND professional learning to elevate classroom instruction. Unfortunately, most science teachers don’t have access to one or the other or both. A big reason OpenSciEd exists is to make sure this becomes the exception rather than the rule. The development of our high quality instructional materials was funded by philanthropy, so we can share those with teachers everywhere for free.

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Elevate your Teaching

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Professional Learning Events

Join an existing event: OpenSciEd and our Certified PL Providers offer a wide range of options for professional learning that will unlock the power of the materials and unlock the power of your students.

Professional Learning for your District

 OpenSciEd or one of our Certified PL Providers would love to provide local professional learning. Our professional learning core offerings help teachers reach and engage every student in the type of science learning that engages students in figuring out the world around them. It prepares teachers to become facilitators of learning who guide students in a new kind of teaching and learning. 

On-Demand Resources

We know that many teachers aren’t able to access the professional learning they deserve, so we are constantly developing new, on-demand resources (many of which are free) to get you as much support as we can.