Remote Learning Adaptations

The guidance documents on this page illustrate one way that OpenSciEd units can be used in a virtual environment. Louisiana, one of OpenSciEd’s partner states, has taken on the task of modifying our released units for a remote learning environment. In partnership with teachers, the Louisiana Department of Education arranged OpenSciEd content in a manner that stays true to the vision of the materials and provides clear guidance on how to use them in a fully remote environment. Since all OpenSciEd materials are Open Educational Resources, all educators are able to take advantage of their thinking and modify it for their learning environment.

These adapted materials do not omit lessons from the OpenSciEd units. The modified materials assume that teachers will have synchronous virtual meetings with students in addition to home learning. Examples of specific interactive platforms to support synchronous virtual meetings are provided, which can be adapted to the tools available in your district. This guide is intended as a supporting document and should be used in conjunction with the unit’s Teacher Edition.

Adapted Unit Release Schedule

All guides will be shared below once available and announced via email and social media.

Resources for Staying Grounded While Teaching Remote  

The Remote Learning Resources linked below contain detailed information about adapting the OpenSciEd routines to a remote learning environment. They also provide a variety of approaches to remote learning, including options for students who do not have internet access.

Archived Webinar about the Remote Learning Adaptations

Understanding the Remote Learning Adaptations Webinar

August 26, 2020