Adopting OpenSciEd Materials

OpenSciEd materials are an open education resource (OER) making them freely available to download. There are two pathways to adopt OpenSciEd, either as an open educator resource (OER) or through our certified distributors who have created fully packaged versions of the curriculum. The OER version is supported by kit providers, print partners, and certified professional learning providers. Certified versions are also available through our partner distributors that are fully packaged including print, digital, kit, and professional learning support.

Certified Versions

Certified versions are fully packaged versions of OpenSciEd that can be purchased from our distribution partners. Each certified version, curriculum and kits, have been evaluated by OpenSciEd to ensure integrity to the instructional principles and design specifications. Distributors are available to do presentations, send samples, and participate in adoption and RFP processes. Contact certified distributors directly through the links below to learn more about their complete solutions. 

OER Version

The OER version of OpenSciEd is free to download. To support adoption of the OER materials print books, professional learning, and lab materials kits are available for purchase. Each certified OER kit provider’s materials have been evaluated for quality to ensure investigations in the OER materials work as designed. Contact our certified partners that support the OER version of OpenSciEd directly through the links below to learn more.


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