Professional Learning Session Overview
Facilitator Launch

Preparing facilitators to lead transformative science professional learning

Session Overview

The facilitator learning materials are designed to accompany the teacher professional development materials. Just as we value the importance of good teaching in supporting student learning, we value the importance of good facilitation for the effectiveness of teacher professional learning. These facilitator learning materials have been used with the OpenSciEd Field Test Facilitators throughout the project.

A key aspect of the design is to engage facilitators in the teacher professional learning as participants and then provide opportunities for reflection and planning. Included in these materials are the agendas, slides, and resources necessary to layer on top of the teacher professional learning materials.

The Facilitator Professional Learning materials include the following opportunities:

  • Reflect on concerns/questions and areas of comfort for facilitating the OpenSciEd professional development.
  • Consider 3 areas of OpenSciEd Facilitation knowledge and skills.
  • Analyze videos of facilitation in light of these knowledge and skills.
  • Plan for and reflect on key aspects of the teacher professional learning wearing a “facilitator hat” each day after experiencing the PD as a learner.

Sample Session Resources

Session Agenda
Facilitator Professional Learning Structure

The Facilitator materials begin with an introductory session designed to be used prior to engaging in the teacher professional learning.  We have found it to be most beneficial if the times for the teacher professional learning are kept in tact (e.g. do all of day 1 on day 1-don’t split it up on different days).  In order to do this, it is suggested that you start with a half day (Day 0) for an introduction to facilitation and then add 1+ hours to each day for the ongoing facilitation reflection.  An alternative is to engage in the Day 0 session after participating in Days 1-4 (days 1-4 would still include facilitator hat reflection throughout).

  • Day 0:  Half-day introduction to OpenSciEd and key knowledge and skills of facilitators designed to take place before launching into the OpenSciEd Teacher PD.
  • Days 1-4:  Focused reflection time in “Facilitator Hat”.  Additionally, you may want to add additional time for planning and continued focus on facilitation.
    • Day 1 of the teacher PD has an extended experience around the anchoring phenomenon We have found that it is important that participants experience all of Day 1 before reflecting in facilitator hat.
    • Days 2-4 include opportunities to reflect in teacher hat after key sections of the teacher PD.


Sample Daily Agenda

The facilitator learning aspects are colored in blue. To see the agenda and slides for the teacher professional learning in white rows, download the teacher professional learning materials.