Teacher Professional Learning Providers

The OpenSciEd Facilitator Team!

OpenSciEd’s expert facilitators can make sure that teachers have the support they need to make our materials come alive in their classrooms. Learn more about our professional learning services, or start a conversation by clicking the button below:

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COMING SOON–OpenSciEd has just launch a process for organizations to become OpenSciEd-Certified! Stay tuned for more options soon.

In addition to our team, you can reach out to the providers listed below who have been partners in the development of our materials and professional learning.

Current Professional Learning Providers

The organizations that make up the Developers Consortium offer world-class professional development in addition to curriculum development. The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) is also a strong partner with OpenSciEd and their professional learning division is well equipped to support teachers in learning about and using our materials. If your institution plans to contract a professional services provider for OpenSciEd professional learning, we recommend these organizations.

Educators in the OpenSciEd Partner States should reach out to their state for support and professional learning opportunities related to learning about and using the OpenSciEd unit. As the OpenSciEd project progresses, additional professional learning support providers will be added to this page. If you are interested in becoming an OpenSciEd professional learning provider, sign up for our PD provider mailing list.