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Transformative Professional Learning

We provide teachers the materials and support to get ALL students excited and curious about the world around them and confident in their ability to shape it through questioning, investigating, and solving problems.

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Research shows that advancing science teaching takes great materials AND transformative professional learning experiences. Using our high quality NGSS-designed units, our online professional development for science teachers provides educators carefully designed experiences that enable them to learn, practice, and reflect in order to create equitable science classrooms that are driven by student sensemaking.

Moving from omniscient sage to skilled facilitator is a significant shift for many teachers. Our professional learning is firmly rooted in adult learning research to support this paradigm shift. We put teachers in the student’s seat so they can experience the innovative learning of OpenSciEd’s materials first-hand and see how students’ sensemaking develops across a unit. We dig in with careful analyses of classroom videos, real student work, and student and teacher interviews and a deep dive into the unit materials. These structured reflections provide science educators with the support to rethink their approach to science education while developing a deep understanding of the units they will be using. We support teachers to make science learning real and relevant for all students.

Professional Learning that Fits Your Needs

Our curriculum-based professional learning leverages OpenSciEd’s award winning materials as the context to help teachers reach and engage every student in science learning. Our team helps you determine what support is needed based on teacher and district needs. We adapt our professional learning to meet your teachers where they are at and move them forward. Our team will provide learning experiences that accommodate your preferred learning format: face to face, virtual (synchronous or asynchronous), or a hybrid of these formats. We can also provide systems of support for continued learning and connect educators to growing community of collaborative OpenSciEd educators.

Curriculum Launch 

Essential to a successful start with OpenSciEd, the Curriculum Launch supports teachers in understanding the shifts called for by the NGSS and the Framework for K-12 Science Education that are brought to life with our instructional materials. The launch will prepare teachers to teach their first OpenSciEd unit and better empower them to identify and build upon the resources students bring to the classroom.



Ongoing Support with Unit Deep Dives

This professional learning supports science teachers in advancing their understanding of the OpenSciEd approach generally while going deep into a specific science unit. This learning actualizes the practice of equitable science classrooms and takes their instructional practice to the next level. They offer opportunities to deepen content knowledge, planning, instruction, and data analysis practices.


Instructional Coaching Support

This support caters to each school’s specific needs by offering a menu of high leverage topics or working with an OpenSciEd coach to customize the time spent together. This support provides teachers with in-the-moment observation and feedback, grade-level planning support, and more.


Custom Services

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in designing custom professional learning—let’s talk! 


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Professional Learning Video Library

All of the videos associated with the OpenSciEd professional learning can be found on this page and our YouTube Channel.