OpenSciEd Approach

  • OpenSciEd’s science teaching tools and materials are open educational resources (OER) licensed to be free for anyone to use, share, redistribute, adapt, transform, and build upon for any purpose, even commercially.
  • OpenSciEd instructional materials are research-based, robust, open-source science materials and EdTech tools for teachers designed to increase accessibility for all teachers and students.
  • The instructional materials are being designed not to be stand-alone units, but to serve as a full coherent sequence that builds across units and across years.
  • Each instructional unit and science teaching tool is being field tested by teachers across ten states and then revised based on the data collected.
  • The entire suite of middle school science EdTech tools for teachers will be completed in Winter 2022. The program began rollout in August 2019. The instructional materials will be released at a rate of one unit per grade level every six months following the unit development schedule.

Science Teaching Tools


OpenSciEd Guiding Documents

The resources below help to share the research supporting the EdTech and science teaching tools for teachers, as well as pedagogical resources woven into the instructional materials.