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Our mission is to inspire the inventive genius in everyone.

Organization Description

The Museum’s Professional Learning department supports in-service science teachers’ professional learning through the Institute for Quality Science Teaching (IQST) and the Science Leadership Initiative (SLI). IQST strengthens teacher self-efficacy for equitable and effective three-dimensional science instruction through transformative professional development. SLI develops teacher leaders who facilitate a structured, democratic process for whole-school improvement in science. We envision a future where each child attends a school that demonstrates a quality teaching and learning environment for science.

Focus of OpenSciEd Work

As an OpenSciEd Certified Professional Learning Provider, the Museum’s Institute for Quality Science Teaching (IQST) supports schools and districts to enact the Next Generation Science Standards and achieve the overarching goals of the National Research Council’s Framework for K-12 Science Education. We commit to providing opportunities for teachers to experience instruction that requires sense-making via science practices just as their students will.

Supporting Equitable Science Instruction

The Institute for Quality Science Teaching (IQST) believes all students, when provided with an inspired teacher, are capable of actualizing the overarching goal of A Framework for K-12 Science Education. We commit to reducing barriers to quality science teaching and to making science more accessible to all teachers and students. In our professional learning experiences, we expect to amplify teachers’ attention to teaching behaviors and attitudes that promote equity in learning science.

Supporting School Systems

The Institute for Quality Science Teaching (IQST) is committed to planning sustained duration, coherent, and active learning experiences for teachers that integrate the learning of science content and science pedagogy, predominantly through modeling effective practice, that are transferable to the classroom. For example, our standard teacher courses (not specifically tied to OpenSciEd) feature a minimum of 45 hours of engagement with MSI staff. We look forward to developing opportunities with public districts as well as private schools in the Chicago area, as schools and districts to grow in their implementation of the OpenSciEd curriculum.

Who We Work With

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