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Kendall Hunt

The mission of Kendall Hunt is to be a dynamic provider of quality educational products and services.

Organization Description

Kendall Hunt has a 75-year history of providing innovative educational solutions. As the publisher of hands-on science, mathematics, and gifted curricula for grades K-12, we are also the leading partner in open educational resource offerings, including Illustrative Mathematics and OpenSciEd. Kendall Hunt works to provides various opportunities to engage in the rigor demanded by the three-dimensionality of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), to explore the pedagogical shift from traditional instructional delivery to an Anchor Phenomenon driven instructional delivery supported by carefully crafted storylines, and to cultivate the art of supporting students in meaningful discussions and sensemaking leading to lifelong learning.

Focus of OpenSciEd Work

We are more than a provider of curriculum-based professional learning solutions for educators, we are the exclusive leading distribution partner providing OpenSciEd Middle School OER print materials and lab material kits for purchase as well as the fully packaged certified versions that includes the robust digital platform; Kiddom. We create our professional learning opportunity with a strong emphasis on:

• Comprehending how the Performance Expectations of the NGSS are bundled within each unit
• Engaging in Equitable instructional delivery for all students
• Participating in various types of meaningful discussions that employ scientific literacy
• Using progressive consensus models to track student learning
• Promoting the ease of use of the numerous support systems embedded in the program
• Identifying areas where formative and summative assessment would be appropriate

Supporting Equitable Science Instruction

Kendall Hunt provides an expansive variety of diverse learning opportunities through curricula and professional learning resources. Participating in Kendall Hunt Professional Learning empowers teachers with the right tools to:

• Engage ALL students in authentic discussions and sense-making as they work through relevant issues, using evidence as support
• Prepare ALL students to participate in driving their learning by posing thoughtful questions and offering ways to find solution
• Offer immediate feedback to ALL student work and ideas
• Construct models based on ALL student input that demonstrates the understanding of the phenomenon and where comprehension gaps may exist
• Scaffold instructional delivery to meet the needs of ALL students as they engage in the 3-dimensions of the NGSS, while considering the social/emotional demands of the classroom

Supporting School Systems

Kendall hunt has a long-standing history of providing professional development for K-12 programs. The professional learning materials we provide are designed to better prepare teachers with the tools necessary to successfully implement the innovative instructional approach employed through the OpenSciEd resource. Our team of expert facilitators work to customize the training sessions to meet the demographic constituents and financial needs of the district. By offering the training to the respective district office and school administrators, instructional coaches, as well as teachers, we help to increase the capacity of support for implementation across all sectors within the district.

Who We Work With

Baltimore County School District, Maryland

Greater than 50,000 Students

Where We Work

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OpenSciEd Professional Learning

  • Curriculum Launch
  • Facilitator Training
  • Ongoing Support/Unit Launch
  • Unit Adaptation Support

OpenSciEd Grade Level Focus

  • Middle School

Other Professional Learning

  • Strategic District Implementation
  • Supporting Science Coaches