• OpenSciEd classroom materials are an open education resource and therefore free to download, copy, use, and/or modify.
  • To download the instructional materials free of charge, visit the Access Materials page.
  • To assemble your own lab kits, refer to the lab kit material lists for each unit.
  • Because it is our desire to lower barriers for all educators to use OpenSciEd, we have also partnered with kit and print providers who sell attractively priced, quality-assured OpenSciEd classroom materials.

Printed Books

Lab Material Kits

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We have partnered with Kendall Hunt to be OpenSciEd’s print partner. Kendall Hunt is providing the following printed items:

  • Teacher Materials
  • Student Editions

To purchase printed versions of the OpenSciEd units, visit Kendall Hunt’s page.

We have partnered with AquaPhoenix to be OpenSciEd’s kit provider. AquaPhoenix will sell kits that include consumable materials, basic investigative equipment, and unit specific goods.

A link to AquaPhoenix’s OpenSciEd marketplace will be provided on this page when the kits are ready for sale.