Kit Materials & Printed Books

OpenSciEd classroom materials are an open education resource and therefore free to download, copy, use, and/or modify. Because it is our desire to lower barriers for all educators to use OpenSciEd, we have also partnered with kit and print providers who sell attractively priced, quality-assured OpenSciEd classroom materials.

Printed Books

We have partnered with Kendall Hunt to be OpenSciEd’s print partner. Kendall Hunt is providing the following printed items:

  • Teacher Materials
  • Student Editions

To purchase printed versions of the OpenSciEd units, visit Kendall Hunt’s page.

Lab Material Kits

We have partnered with AquaPhoenix to provide easy access to OpenSciEd’s unit kits. AquaPhoenix provides two types of kits for the OpenSciEd units.

  • Non-consumable Kit – These are items that last from class to class and year to year.
  • Consumable Kit – These are items that are used up during instruction. Each consumable kit has enough items in it to teach the unit to six classes and/or 180 students.

For more information and to place a kit order, visit AquaPhoenix’s page.

Unit Kit Material Lists

Each OpenSciEd unit has a list of materials necessary to teach the unit. The materials lists include links to vendors of these items, and they are provided for illustrative purposes only. Item inventories and supply chains for online vendors are notoriously unreliable, and this has been particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the link provided has the item in stock, as inventories and suppliers are continually changing. If you would prefer purchasing pre-assembled kits from a vendor who maintains a ready inventory, we have partnered with AquaPhoenix to provide kits for OpenSciEd units.

Kit Lists for the Released Units