Inspirational Instruction

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum fosters deep, engaged science learning and is the only curriculum designed for the NGSS that has had every unit rated as quality–and it’s freely available to anyone. By bringing together leading science researchers and educators, we create and update units that are aligned to how students learn best. Additionally, our science curriculum is phenomena-based and designed to center student-led questioning, investigating, and problem-solving. Our approach to science education develops the eager, curious, and bright minds we need to solve our biggest challenges.

Unlocking the Power of our Curriculum

OpenSciEd is more than a curriculum. It’s a paradigm shift that reimagines the experience of science education to ensure that all students can excel in and outside of the classroom. In OpenSciEd classrooms, teachers are learning facilitators, not lecturers. Our professional development courses support teachers in this paradigm shift to maximize our curriculum’s impact. Learn more about our professional learning services on this page.

How we Share our Instructional Materials

Teachers know their students and their classrooms best. That’s why OpenSciEd creates high quality instructional resources that meet the highest learning standards and can easily be tailored based on the individual needs of students. Because of the flexibility of the open source Google Apps for Education platform, we host most of our materials in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. We encourage teachers to copy our resources and modify them to suit their classroom needs.

For some of our materials in the OpenSciEd Curriculum, we also offer a bulk downloader tool, which allows you to download full units of content to your own Google Drive. When you click “Copy to my Google Drive,” you give permission to the bulk downloader to create a new unit folder in your Google Drive. The units, when downloaded, are organized into folders by lesson and all the files are editable, rather than view only. This allows you to make any appropriate modifications to the OpenSciEd curricular materials without having to download each individual lesson and document. This also allows you to upload the unit content into Google Classroom more easily, as you will have an organized unit on your Drive from which you can create assignments and quizzes in Google Classroom. Please view the privacy policy related to the bulk downloader tool to understand how this tool accesses your Google Drive.