Professional Learning for Districts

Supporting Your Teachers in Unlocking the Power

OpenSciEd’s professional learning is key to unlocking the power of our materials. The research is clear that it takes both high quality instructional materials AND professional learning to elevate classroom instruction. Unfortunately, most science teachers don’t have access to one or the other, or both. A big reason OpenSciEd exists is to make sure this becomes the exception rather than the rule. The development of our high quality instructional materials was funded by philanthropy, so we can share those with teachers everywhere for free. This frees up budget space to support teachers with the professional learning they deserve.

Pathway 1: Request professional learning for your district

  • From us or from certified PL providers
  • More f2f options; tailored to local issues/initiatives; internal community building

Pathway 2: Send teachers to existing events

  • From us or from certified PL providers
  • lower cost and more options for smaller districts (<20 teachers); connections with OpenSciEd teachers from other districts
  • Send a leadership team PL to be trained as a facilitator for your district

On-demand Resources