About OpenSciEd

Valuing learners for a phenomenal future

OpenSciEd was launched to improve the supply of and address demand for high quality, open-source, full-course science instructional materials, while at the same time supporting the implementation of middle school science instructional units.

The goals of OpenSciEd are to ensure any science teacher, anywhere, can access and download freely available, high quality, locally adaptable full-course materials. Because all of our materials are open-source, also known as open educational resources, they are free for all educators and students to use, customize, and share. 

OpenSciEd aims to create a set of exemplary science instructional materials that are:

  • designed and aligned to the Framework and NGSS;
  • based on research regarding how students learn, what motivates learning, and the implications for teaching;
  • developed with educators and extensively tested by teachers and schools;
  • designed to be used with low-cost, standard laboratory equipment and materials amenable to large-scale deployment; and
  • improved over time based on feedback from teachers and field-testing.

Our Mission 

To give teachers the materials, support, and power to get kids excited and curious about the world around them and confident in their ability to figure it out through questioning, investigating, and solving problems.

Our Core Values 

We believe that: 

  • All students can excel in science
  • Historical practices and entrenched cultural perceptions of science education need to be challenged 
  • The science education community, together, can solve problems in science classrooms
  • High quality science materials should be freely available and customizable
  • Science teachers feel empowered when allowed to use their expertise and creativity in the implementation of the materials
  • Professional learning is key in unlocking the power of great materials
  • Teachers and students need equitable and exciting learning experiences

We provide teachers the materials and support to get ALL students excited and curious about the world around them and confident in their ability to shape it through questioning, investigating, and solving problems.

Too many teachers know the reality of the opportunity gap, and too many students live that reality. In addition to existing and systemic educational inequities, COVID-19 has exacerbated the crisis disproportionately affecting Black and Brown students as well as traditionally marginalized populations. OpenSciEd exists to change the status quo and remove the predictability about who succeeds and shows affection for the STEM fields.

The high cost of quality science materials often prevents districts from adopting the best curricula, and those who invest in good programs do it at the expense of adequate professional learning that helps teachers make necessary instructional shifts. Being freely available, OpenSciEd creates an environment where districts don’t need to make this compromise.

We believe that the best materials are rooted in the standards; created, reviewed, and approved by the science educator community; and field-tested to ensure their equity, efficacy, and usability. Our materials carry a creative commons license, which helps foster equal access to excellent, flexible materials that teachers can customize and adapt to meet the needs of their students. Our work is guided by the vision for science literacy described in the Next Generation Science Standards and supported by 10 partner states in the development of the materials. 

James RyanExecutive Director

Sarah DelaneyCurriculum Director

Matt KrehbielOutreach Director

Theresa SiliezarOperations Associate

Yanira VazquezSpecial Initiatives Project Manager

Daniel TobermanCommercial Partnerships Director

Team Bios

Our Commitment to Antiracist Action

We remain committed to acknowledging and taking on systemic racism in education. We recognize that the education system has often been a tool of oppression against people of color, specifically Black people, recreating power hierarchies and inequities. As science educators, we endeavor to develop science instructional materials and professional learning resources that provide equitable learning opportunities for historically disenfranchised students, with the goal to support their long-term self-determination. Our development process seeks to surface and address inequities in the engagement and participation of Black and Brown students in science learning, as well as other students who have been seen through a deficit lens rather than as knowledge builders in classrooms. Part of our work towards equity and justice involves recognizing the insidious ways racism has operated in science and rooting it out of science education. We strive to implement approaches that de-settle inequitable systems, routines, and assumptions that are in place in too many science learning environments and educational institutions.

We call on all curriculum developers to provide materials that bring forward and value all students’ voices and surface the conversations that will empower students to own their education and their futures.

Our work as educators is central to the elimination of racism, Anti-Blackness, and white supremacy in science education and we dedicate our organization to advocate for and work toward a more just society.

OpenSciEd Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines and high-resolution versions of our logo can be found on our brand guidelines page.