K-12 Instructional Materials for Science

Girl investigating a homemade speaker.

Our goal is to create high-quality, freely available science instructional materials aligned to the NGSSfor elementary through high school. Our development work began at the middle school level, and will grow to include full course materials for elementary through high school with grades 6-8 completed in 2022 and high school in 2024. As science educators, we endeavor to develop science instructional materials that provide equitable learning opportunities for historically disenfranchised students.

The OpenSciEd Instructional Model uses a storyline approach – a logical sequence of lessons that are motivated by students’ questions that arise from students’ interactions with phenomena. Each OpenSciEd unit undergoes an 18-month development process that includes external reviews, a robust field test, and revision. After the materials are evaluated by NextGenScience’s EQuIP Peer Review Panel and have received a quality rating, OpenSciEd makes those units freely available.

About our Materials