K-12 Instructional Materials for Science

Middle School Science Classroom Materials

Our middle school science materials and free online science resources for teachers are phenomenon-based, three-dimensional units that prioritize student coherence and equitable science sensemaking. The units are developed with teacher and student voices from across the country informing the selection of the phenomena and the storyline of the unit. Throughout our units, students develop their ability to solve problems, ask and answer questions, and argue from evidence.

The OpenSciEd Middle School science program follows the OpenSciEd Scope and Sequence and addresses all of the middle school NGSS standards. Learn more about the materials in our Program Overview document.


High School Science Materials & Resources for Teachers

The development of our high school science classroom materials began in January 2021 and includes materials for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses with the Earth and Space Science standards woven throughout each. Materials will be available starting in winter 2022-2023 with the full courses completed in early 2024. 

The high school instructional materials and associated professional learning will be developed by the High School Development Consortium, led by the University of Colorado, Boulder. This consortium was selected as a result of a rigorous process that included both a Request for Qualifications and a Request for Proposals.

While units are not yet available for high school, we have published the Scope & Sequence and Design Specifications for the materials.

Visit this page to learn more information and register for updates.

Elementary School Science

In the fall of 2022, OpenSciEd launched the development of an elementary science program designed to support teachers in engaging students’ natural curiosities and interests about the world. The complete (grades K-5) program will meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and include ELA/literacy and math integrations. It will be freely available by spring 2026. Units will be released as they are completed starting in late 2024 or early 2025.

Northwestern University will lead a developers consortium – including BSCS Science LearningCarolina Biological Supply CompanyHorizon Research, Inc.Michigan State UniversityOakland University, and The University of Texas at Austin – to create, field-test, revise, and publicly release units from 2022-2026. The consortium will also provide professional learning opportunities and open source resources to address the pressing needs of elementary teachers and support their effective implementation of the science materials.

Visit this page to get information about the progress of our elementary development.

COVID-19 & Health Equity Units

The COVID-19 pandemic provides a unique and real-life opportunity for students to explore the ways in which science and society are connected. Through each of the COVID-19 & Health Equity units, students explore how communities are impacted differently by the virus through the lens of historical inequities, and consider how they can take action to prevent further spread.

These four units are meant to be supplemental science classroom materials that can be integrated into the classroom at any point during the year. While designed for science educators, these units could be used as part of a health class, an advisory class, as part social studies or as a multidisciplinary unit. These free online science resources for teachers include integrated social-emotional learning and supports for teachers and families in addressing these emotional and essential topics. Learn more about the development of our COVID-19 science materials

How we Share our Instructional Materials

Teachers know their students and their classrooms best. That’s why OpenSciEd creates high quality instructional resources that meet the highest learning standards and can easily be tailored based on the individual needs of students. Because of the flexibility of the open source Google Apps for Education platform, we host most of our materials in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. We encourage teachers to copy our resources and modify them to suit their classroom needs.

For some of our materials in the OpenSciEd Curriculum, we also offer a bulk downloader tool, which allows you to download full units of content to your own Google Drive. When you click “Copy to my Google Drive,” you give permission to the bulk downloader to create a new unit folder in your Google Drive. The units, when downloaded, are organized into folders by lesson and all the files are editable, rather than view only. This allows you to make any appropriate modifications to the OpenSciEd curricular materials without having to download each individual lesson and document. This also allows you to upload the unit content into Google Classroom more easily, as you will have an organized unit on your Drive from which you can create assignments and quizzes in Google Classroom. Please view the privacy policy related to the bulk downloader tool to understand how this tool accesses your Google Drive.