8.2 Sound Waves Teacher Professional Development Overview

Getting to Know OpenSciEd & Unit 8.2 Sound Waves

Teacher attending OpenSciEd PD

This four-day professional development session introduces teachers to the OpenSciEd materials generally in addition to the 8.2 Sound Waves unit. As a result of this session, teachers will understand the supports and routines embedded into the OpenSciEd units that align with the shifts called for by the A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards. Included in this session are opportunities for teachers to:

  • Watch videos of students engaging with the OpenSciEd units
  • Hear teachers reflect on shifting their instruction with support from the units
  • Engage in the actual lessons of the unit as a student
  • Deepen their understanding of three-dimensional instruction and assessment

All of the instructional materials associated with this professional learning session are available for download from the 8.2 Sound Waves Unit Overview page.

Summary of the Professional Learning Session