7.4 Matter Cycling Teacher Professional Development Overview

The Key Elements of OpenSciEd & Unit 7.4 Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis

Teacher participating in PD

This two-day professional development session focuses on the Key Instructional Elements of OpenSciEd in addition to the 7.4 Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis unit. It assumes the prerequisite completion of Getting to Know OpenSciEd Professional Development and previous experience teaching an OpenSciEd unit. Included in this session are opportunities for teachers to:

  • Reflect on successes and challenges of implementation of OpenSciEd units 
  • Identify key instructional elements for teaching and learning in an OpenSciEd-aligned way
  • Examine student video and artifacts from OpenSciEd units in relation to the key instructional elements
  • Engage in the actual lessons of the unit as a student

All of the instructional materials associated with this professional learning session are available for download from the 7.4 Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis overview page.

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Summary of the Professional Learning Session