7.1 Chemical Reactions & Matter Transformation Teacher Professional Development Overview

7.1 Chemical Reactions & Matter Transformation

Teacher participating in PD

This two and a half day professional development session focuses on the overarching question – How do we support equitable sensemaking? The PD explicitly focuses on equity, classroom culture and classroom sensemaking discussions.

It assumes the prerequisite completion of Getting to Know OpenSciEd Professional Development and previous experience teaching an OpenSciEd unit. Included in this session are opportunities for teachers to:

  • Reflect on successes and challenges around OpenSciEd implementation to support more equitable science classrooms 
  • Examine student video and learning scenarios to recognize the range of resources students use to make sense of science, consider the features of classroom culture, and identify strategies to support the three main discussion types used in OpenSciEd
  • Identify pedagogical implications and strategies that can be used to support the development of classroom culture and leverage student resources
  • Reflect on the key aspects of productive discussions and use a Discussion Planning Tool to plan for discussions that support idea development and student engagement
  • Engage in the actual lessons of the unit as a student

All of the instructional materials associated with this professional learning session are available for download from the 7.1 Chemical Reactions & Matter Transformations Unit Overview page.

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Summary of the Professional Learning Session