6.3 Weather Teacher Professional Development Overview

The Key Elements of OpenSciEd & Unit 6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling

This two-day professional development session focuses on the Key Instructional Elements of OpenSciEd in addition to the 6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling unit. It assumes the prerequisite completion of Getting to Know OpenSciEd Professional Development and previous experience teaching an OpenSciEd unit. Included in this session are opportunities for teachers to:

  • Reflect on successes and challenges of implementation of OpenSciEd units 
  • Identify key instructional elements for teaching and learning in an OpenSciEd-aligned way
  • Examine student video and artifacts from OpenSciEd units in relation to the key instructional elements
  • Engage in the actual lessons of the unit as a student

All of the instructional materials associated with this professional learning session are available for download from the 6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling Unit Overview page.

Download the Resources

Summary of the Professional Learning Session